About our Doc

Mark King DMD

-dentist for over 32 years!


Clinical Staff:








Family Support:

  • We Honor the late Dr James P Bloom (1928-2018)

  • James P Bloom jr is our Office Manager 

  • Bonnie Bloom is a successful veterinary dentist in Dallas, where she also does charity work for the Dallas/Fort Worth Zoo, including root canals on lions, monkeys, tigers, giraffes (yes she did have to climb a ladder!).  I-20 Animal Clinic.com

  • Casey Bloom is practicing dentist in the Birmingham area

  • Helen Bloom Smith is a practicing dentist in the Birmingham area.

  • Joy Bloom Wright  is a industrial psychologist living in Los Angeles, California.  Both Helen & Joy are graduates of the United States Naval Academy.  Joy was one of the first women in the United States Navy to fly as the Radar Intercept Officer off an aircraft carrier in the F-14 fighter jet.


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